Some odds and ends

As we approach Holy Week, Easter, and beyond, some miscellaneous items have been running through my mind. Just wanted to share them with anyone who might be reading. In no particular order, they are:

  1. GOOD STEWARDSHIP — For those who are around my age (early ’60s) how are we doing with the talents, time and treasure we’ve been given? Are we helping others and giving back, or are we still, perhaps, a little too absorbed with self “stuff” (adding to the bank account or retirement account, not volunteering, etc.)?

One way in which I’ve strived to be a good steward for many decades is with respect to the environment. Back in 1981, an old friend David Douglass and I co-wrote a grant proposal to obtain funds from the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources. The proposal was accepted, and Cleveland gained its first-ever glass, aluminum, and newspaper recycling program as a result. That program began in 1982, and was based behind the former Sears, Roebuck & Co. store on West 110 Street and Lorain Avenue.

Today I still strive to be environmentally aware. My wife Kathy and I recently purchased a Toyota Prius Prime vehicle. It is a small, four-passenger car. What makes it unique is its combination gas-electric power system, a PHEV, for “Plug In Electric Vehicle.”  With some training (meaning this old dog had to learn new tricks), one can run such a vehicle a lot on just the battery.

Big deal? Well, on battery alone, this car has zero tailpipe emissions. When it’s fully charged, I can go 28-32 miles (depending on conditions) just on the battery.  Because it also has a gasoline engine (and a “tank” range of about 500 miles) one can drive this vehicle for short or long distances without every worrying about running out of electricity.

Not everyone has my situation. I’m fortunate in that I can charge my vehicle at a high-capacity charging station at Cuyahoga Community College’s Advanced Automotive Technology Center. But I’ll take 430+miles per gallon whenever possible. That saves on fuel costs, but — more importantly — saves on the environment as well.

Take a look at the little number just below and a little to the right of the big “0 MPH” on this photograph of my odometer, taken earlier this month:


431.4 miles per gallon! Photo taken April 7, 2019

If this interests you, I’d suggest you do an internet such using the letters “PHEV” and see what you find. You will probably uncover a lot of vehicles (with an average price in the low $30,000 range) which can save you at least $1,000 a year on gasoline and save on the environment as well.

2.  PRAYER — The older I get, the more I acknowledge the many blessings God has bestowed on me in my lifetime. One of those blessings is getting to know the staff and managers at Moody Radio Cleveland, WCRF 103.3 FM and “everywhere” via the internet. It’s on my “listen to” list every day, and has been for decades.

Also, nearly 15 years running, I’ve been fortunate to belong to the Pause For Prayer team at Moody. I recorded five, two-minute prayers which will run on the radio next week, Holy Week, from April 15-19.  If you’re interested, you can see information about Pause for Prayer and a link to Moody Radio Cleveland’s “live stream” below as well.

Many thanks to Paul Carter at Moody Radio Cleveland, who records the Pause for Prayer segments and “cleans up” my speaking as well!

Link to “Tune In” for Moody Radio Cleveland:

3. HELPING OTHERS — One way I’ve been fortunate over the past 11 years has been to coach high school speech and debate. I began by founding the program at Brecksville-Broadview Hts in 2008, and in 2013-14 I moved to Revere High School. It was a pleasant surprise to us recently at Revere when, on viewing the National Speech and Debate Association’s rankings of “strength” of programs, Revere is No. 13 in Ohio.

Assisting teens to learn how to think critically, communicate and lead effectively, and live humanely in evermore-challenging times is far more important to me than “Ws” in a debate round or “1” rankings in a speech round.

I gave a brief “The Revere Way Ahead” talk about our annual banquet on April 3. A few parents have asked me about some of the pictures and memes in that speech. There is a link to those below. So help yourself if you wish to “see” what about 80 parents and students saw and heard earlier in the month.

Revere way ahead 2019 banquet

I have informed the Revere Schools that I plan to step way as head adviser for the program in 2019-2020. I hope to be involved in a “hand off” capacity in the coming year, and then take a back seat when a new adviser comes in to head up the Revere program.  If you have a speech or debate background and this interests you, you can apply by e-mailing Revere HS principal Phil King at and letting him know.


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