Preparing warriors and leaders

 We will make Marines

We will win our nation’s battles

We will develop strong citizens

Those are the three key premises of An Educator’s Guide to the Marine Corps, a brochure which the Marines of Recruit Station Cleveland provided to the teachers and counselors on the Educator’s Workshop to Parris Island.

20170404_192119About five dozen other educators and I will see the “Make Marines” aspect of this first-hand over the next few days. A couple of sentences from this brochure are really powerful: “Since so much is expected of our Marine Corps, recruits must naturally come to expect much of themselves. During …training, Marine recruits are tested in extraordinary ways, emerging as completely transformed individuals.”

20170404_192038Recruit training here consists of 13 very demanding and challenging weeks. “They are literally transformed” the brochure says.  “along the way, they develop new confidence in themselves and the certainty that they will be able to overcome whatever challenges they encounter.”

From what we’ve learned so far in many email communications from Sgt. Stephen Himes, those challenges are immense. Objectives for Marine recruits at the conclusion of their training include:

  • Character Development
  • Discipline
  • Espirit de Corps
  • Military Bearing
  • Combat Basic Tasks
  • Physical Fitness

20170404_192028The workshop took us to a restaurant named “Traditions” at the Recruit Depot. Many Marines shared their stories and career in the Corps with us. We get a first-hand look at these challenges, and how recruits rise to meet them, beginning Wednesday at 6 a.m. when our bus leaves to take us to the USMC Recruit Depot at Parris Island.

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