Off we go …

Our Marine Educators Workshop is traveling today, flying from CLE to Savannah, Ga., then on to Parris Island SC via bus for our first day at the Recruit Depot. We have dinner scheduled at Traditions, a restaurant at Parris Island, where we will hear from Marine Corps Public Affairs.

We had an excellent briefing and overview of our trip Monday. Major Shawn Meier, head of the Marine Corp recruiting station in Cleveland, and Staff Sgt. Kevin Osborne, gave us an explanation of what we will be seeing and doing during our stay there.

Many of us were impressed with the rigorous entry requirements for Marines today. He or she must be very competent mentally, physically, and orally, and also gain a good score on entrance battery exams. Drugs or an arrest record means you won’t meet entrance requirements.

It’s a super exciting trip for Jordan, one of our educators. Jordan teaches English at Caldwell High School, and today she is taking her first plane flight. Many of take so much for granted in 2017. I’ve lost count of the number of times and the different types of planes in which I’ve flown. For everything, there is a first time. Jordan’s first time is today. Hope we all have the best kind of flights — the uneventful kind — as we head to the USMC Recruit Depot today.

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