Modern Day Journalism: How Social Media Have Shaped the Twenty-Four Hour News Cycle

This is brief – but strong and good — insight from one of my social media students at Cuyahoga Community College. Well done!

Paige By Paige

In today’s day and age, society revolves around social media. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have billions of users and accumulate new ones every single day. It is no wonder why these networks have become leading sources of news journalism. With millions of people constantly visiting these platforms, social media have become one of the most important ways for information to be communicated to the public.

One of the greatest appeals of social media is that it is instantaneous. A Twitter user can compose a tweet and immediately post it. An Instagram photograph can be shared within seconds. It is this quickness, combined with the vast reach of social media, that allows them to thrive. People like being able to know about events as they unfold and promptly express their opinions on them. Therefore, quick, social media-centered journalism is critical to the 21st century. As social media make it easier and…

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