$60 million building boom in Broadview Heights

_20150527_171506Lately it seems that you can’t drive very far in Broadview Heights without seeing a bulldozer at work or a foundation being poured. There’s a good reason why: More than $60 million in new construction (non residential) and at least 10 different projects are underway in Broadview Heights.

Here’s a quick rundown, in words and pictures, of some of the developments. This isn’t comprehensive – it’s just what one person found out by using a smartphone, the Internet, and through some emails.


Contractors for University Hospitals’ new 52,000 square feet outpatient health center and freestanding emergency department are still putting up steel girders. This facility, valued at $28 million, is at the northeast corner of Interstate 77 and Royalton Road, adjacent to the Heritage office building. You can see it as you enter I-77 Northbound.  This health facility should bring a lot of new jobs to Broadview Heights as well. Here’s the link to a news article about it:


NOTE – Just east of Bob Evans, construction is underway on an extension of Treeworth Blvd which will provide access to a similar medical facility which MetroHealth Medical Center is constructing in Brecksville, just below the southwest corner of Interstate 77 and Royalton Road.


IMG_20150418_111631800More than $1 million went into the construction of these two new restaurants on Royalton Road.  Bob Evans has been open since March, with Chipotle opening its doors in late May. The parking lots seems always full, especially at the lunch and dinner hours. Don’t be surprised if a third restaurant finds its way here also – there’s a vacant spot next to the Chipotle.


Petros is constructing new homes in three locations in Broadview Heights.  This is a picture of the model home in Town Centre Village, just east of Broadview Road and just south of Royalton Road.  Below is a link to their web site with details.IMG_20150418_100742741_HDR

Additionally, Petros also has new home construction at Wiltshire (off Edgerton Road) and at Bella Terra off Wallings Road. Petros Homes’ headquarters is also in Broadview Heights, by the way.



When completed later this year, Danbury Woods senior living will be a 101-unit complex   90,000 square feet with a mixture of independent living, assisted living, and memory care.  This is a IMG_20150418_100542954project costing nearly $13 million.  The two-story, V-shaped building takes up about six acres at the corner of Broadview and Akins Roads.  Here is a link with more information:



With its headquarters in Broadview Heights Ohio Caterpillar is the factory-authorized Caterpillar dealer for the states of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. It has more than 1,100 employees at its various facilities. Ohio Cat is in Phase II of the _20150418_151042expansion of its corporate headquarters at Royalton Road and Taylor Avenue, a project costing $17.8 million.

Here are more details:



Work is in the preliminary stages behind City Hall, but by sometime in 2016 Cuyahoga County will have a new Emergency Operations Center (EOC) behind City Hall.  Here’s a recent site picture.

According to Cuyahoga County officials, this facility will feature an EOC floor with extensive communications and information display capabilities; a multi-position communications center for the county’s emergency communications systemcceoc bvh (known as CECOMS), which can also serve as a regional dispatch center; a Joint Information Center; officers for the County Office of Emergency Management; a training room; and a storage and maintenance facility. Here is a link to a Cuyahoga County web site with more details:



Drees is building larger single-family homes in the city.  The pictured home is in a development called Brookside Crossing, IMG_20150418_101556384off Victoria Drive. Here’s a link:



Jeffrey Halpert, DPM, and his partners are apparently planning to move their Podiatry of Greater Cleveland practice and offices down a bit on Royalton Road to aIMG_20150527_163129940 new office building, just east of Stoney Run condominiums. This building has a construction cost of about $500,000.  Here’s a link to some information:




This church, which has met at Blossom Hill in Brecksville for the past 19 years, plans to build an 11,160 square foot sanctuary and classrooms on the south side of Royalton Road, just west of Dunkin Donuts. Construction is estimated at $1 _20150527_171546million. The sanctuary will seat 250 people. Community of Hope owns 13 acres at this location.  The new church building is expected to open in 2016. Here’s a link to the story:


2 Responses to $60 million building boom in Broadview Heights

  1. Patty B says:

    Thanks for that run down – I’ve been wondering about some of these. That’s great for Broadview Heights – especially all those new jobs! Now what about that road construction that’s going to have to take place at 77 & 82? Isn’t it funny how the UH med center is in Broadview Heights, while the Metro facility is in Brecksville? Seems backwards to me!

    • jkerezy says:

      Thanks for the thanks, Patty B.

      If you look at the “note” on the blog post just above the Bob Evans/Chipotle section, you’ll see a bit of an explanation on the extension of Treeworth Blvd south of Royalton Road. Not watching the details closely, but my recollection is that there is some revenue-sharing arrangement between Broadview Heights (which is providing the access to the land) and Brecksville (where MetroHealth is going) with this development.

      Route 82 and I-77 will probably be more congested than ever pretty soon.

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