Hobby Lobby ruling – who’s your God?

Imagine a company that has raised the wages it pays to its employee every year for the past few years, and where full-time employees receive a minimum of $14 per hour, or 93 percent HIGHER than the national minimum wage.

Perhaps the media and the Obama Administration would praise this company for its employee-friendly salaries and policies.  Add in this: the web site www.indeed.com gave the company 4 stars out of 5 in employee satisfaction; additionally, the company MANDATES one day off a week for all its workers.  The mainstream media should be rushing to hold up this company as a model.

The company?

Hobby Lobby.

THAT Hobby Lobby.

hobby lobbyInstead, many news reports and social media memes are castigating Hobby Lobby, which began when founder David Green borrowed $600 and began making miniature picture frames in his garage in 1970.  Media reaction over Monday’s 5-4 Burwell v. Hobby Lobby U.S. Supreme Court ruling isn’t at all surprising.

Truth is the first casualty of war, and there are political agenda-setters in this country who are trying to convince us that there is a “war on” – a war against women, or a war against health care coverage, or both.

Today’s “target” in this war:  Hobby Lobby, and to a lesser extent, the Supreme Court itself.

A quick look at a few of the many facts in this case is insightful:

  • FACT:  Women employees at Hobby Lobby have had, and will continue to have, more than a dozen of INSURANCE-COVERED options for birth control if the employee so chooses. So, anyone claiming that the Supreme Court’s ruling will “jeopardize the health of women” is twisting the facts a bit.
  • FACT:  Congress did NOT vote to include every type of birth control option in Obamacare.  JUST THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE.  Only after President Obama guaranteed that abortion coverage would NOT be in Obamacare (through an Executive Order in fact), did Rep. Bart Stupak lead a few Democratic Congressman to provide the key votes necessary to even obtain passage of the legislation.
  • FACT: After Obamacare was signed into law — despite those prior assurances to the contrary — the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) then MANDATED that all forms of contraception, including abortion, be in health care plans. HHS refused to offer religious accommodations to business and organizations (such as the Catholic Church), which sought them due to deeply-held religious beliefs.

So, what’s really at stake here?

Religious freedom was and remains the issue, as a majority at the Supreme Court ruled.   Freedom of religion is one of five precious freedoms which we, as Americans, enjoy due to the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  (Another of the First Amendment freedoms – freedom of the press – enables the media to criticize Hobby Lobby, the Supreme Court, even the Obama Administration, openly.)

So, what reigns supreme … in your life?

Is the GOVERNMENT your God? Is God the leaders we elect who deliberate in Washington, D.C? Do you expect government to solve all of life’s problems?

Is RELIGION your God?  Are you a “dyed in the wool” Roman Catholic, Muslim, Southern Baptist, or some other religion, and do you completely obey all the canons of that religion?

Or is it a RELATIONSHIP with God. the caring and loving creator of the universe, the one whose commandment “Thou Shall Not Kill” and nine others have been enshrined into laws for thousands of years? The one who sacrificed His own son, Jesus, to atone for the world’s sins? For your sins?

Look inside your own heart and soul. An answer to that question – if you’re being honest – will probably have more to do with your reaction to the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby decision than anything else.

While looking, you might recall the words from Bob Dylan’s last hit single, “Serve Somebody,” in 1979:

“But you’re gonna have to serve somebody
Yes indeed, you’re gonna have to serve somebody
Well it may be the Devil
Or it may be the Lord
But you’re gonna have to serve somebody”


Look at your favorite local media outlet. Read their story on yesterday’s Burwell v. Hobby Lobby decision. Now go to June 2012, and read their story on NFIB v. Sebelius, the U.S. Supreme Court ruling which upheld the constitutionality of Obamacare.

Both were 5-to-4 decisions from the High Court.

Compare the stories. See if you can detect words and phrases such as “bitterly divided” and “narrow ruling” in one story, but not the other. That would indicate bias on this media outlet’s behalf in favor of one ideology or political party.

PS           Where are the news stories quoting unhappy Hobby Lobby employees, upset about this ruling?  The fact that there are none tells us something.








4 Responses to Hobby Lobby ruling – who’s your God?

  1. Robert Domachowski says:

    Nice article John.
    Good information.
    “You really do serve someone”

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