Revere Debate and Speech — Will to prepare to win…

Thursday morning I did a run on the Cuyahoga Valley Towpath Trail.  Coming back, I saw about 30 members of the Nordonia High School cross country team also out on the Trail.

Weather conditions weren’t very favorable. It was rainy and wet. The Trail was sloppy. We had mud on our shoes and shins.

There’s no doubt that Nordonia will have a very strong cross country team this year. Why? They were showing the will to prepare to win by being out there, in the pouring rain, on Thursday.

john half croppedIt’s our turn, Revere debaters and speakers.  Our “prepare to win” needs to happen this summer.  It can be just a few hours.  It can be at a camp for an entire week.  But if you prepare NOW, you’ll be better when practices begin at the onset of school and again when it is TOURNAMENT TIME come fall/winter Saturdays.

Please take a minute to re-familiarize yourself with debate and speech events.

Then please email me, and let me know which TWO events have the most interest for you.

Also, complete a brief “Survey Monkey” poll so I can quickly figure out which day of the week and time of the day – this summer – I can meet with you to learn more about you, prepare you for a specific event, and help you prepare/practice some this summer.  Here’s a link:


INTERPERS – If you plan to do DUO interp., or HUMOR interp., or DRAMA interp., let’s work THIS SUMMER to select a script for you.  Why?  You can memorize that NOW, and then work on improving your delivery over the course of the season.

ATTEND — I’d like to see as many speaker/debates as possible attend summer camp.  I’ll be at the North Coast Summer Camp July 28-August 1 at Hathaway Brown (HB) School, and will provide rides to any/all speakers and debaters tho can attend.  (Soccer players .. we know you cannot be there on Fri. Aug. 1…but you can attend for four days!) Obtain information from our web site, and LET ME KNOW if you’re going.  I’ll be at Revere High at 8 a.m. each day to provide transportation to Shaker Heights (where HB is located).

My contact info

216.987.5040 land phone (at Cuyahoga Community College)

440.364.1133 (cell)

PARTY — Our next party will begin on Friday, July 11 at 3 p.m. at the Kerezys.  Details coming soon!


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