Back to the broadcast chair!

Can’t remember when I did it last, might have been the 1990s, but on Saturday at 3 p.m. I’ll be sitting down at Tri-C Metro’s gym to broadcast basketball play-by-play of the Tri-C Challengers vs. the Edison Community College Chargers.

I “broke into” radio doing play-by-play for high school and college football, and basketball, while I was a college student in the 1970s, and continued on for a few years afterwards.  You haven’t lived until you’ve broadcast the games of the Crawfordsville Athenians, Southmont Mounties, the Western Boone Stars, and other high schools in Western Central Indiana.

Then there were the college games.  I broadcast on WNDY for Wabash College, which back then played against teams such as Butler (yes, THAT Butler), Valparaiso, Evansville and DePauw.  Favorite place?  Probably Rose Hulman, where the “Fightin’ Engineers” had a mini-cannon they would fire in their field house.

Joe Tait also broadcast games from Rose Hulman prior to coming to Cleveland. And that’s about all Joe Tait and I have in common.  He’s the consummate pro, and I’m way down in the amateur ranks of announcers.

However, what makes this special is that I’m returning to the broadcast table as part of Cuyahoga Community College’s partnership between its outstanding Recording Artist Technology (RAT) program and our Journalism/Mass Comm. (JMC) program.

Tri-C is developing an internet radio station. I’ve been listening to it, and the quality is quite good.  It will “go live” with student DJs for two hours a night (evening drive) four days a week, come Monday.

In the meantime, Chris Beeble (my partner, and soon-to-be play-by-play broadcaster) and I are gearing up to do the first-ever broadcast for the station of a college sports event. I’m looking forward to this, and hoping that Chris will be ready to “take over” the reigns and handle the play-by-play for the rest of the season’s broadcasts.

Radio play-by-play is a grind, but it’s a good one.  You have to describe the action to those who aren’t seeing it on video or TV.  You strive to bring the game to life for the benefit of those who are listening.

It should be fun. If you want to listen in, check out the Tri-C station, called RAT Radio, here:

Hope you’ll tune in on Saturday afternoon and listen!

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