An All-Star book about baseball’s stadiums

With more than five years of teaching experience behind me now at Cuyahoga Community College, I’m fortunate to have many “success stories” in our community. Public relations specialists, videographers, graphic designers, and a recording artist are among some of my former students.  But there’s also one young guy whose dedication and perseverance has resulted in him becoming an author, and an excellent one at that.

Matt Lupica of Macedonia has published “The Baseball Stadium Insider,” a phenomenal book that’s dedicated to providing facts and greatest moments in all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums in the U.S. and Canada.

Author Matt Lupica

How does Cleveland’s Progressive Field compare with Comerica Park in Detroit? Or with Petco Park in San Diego? What are some of the “greatest baseball moments” at these and the other MLB parks?  What do players think about the features of the various playing fields?  It’s all here in this book.

Matt’s 426-page publication satisfies the interests of both the casual “opening day” baseball aficionado and the die-hard fanatic who likes to see games in many out-of-town cities.  Want details about that 50,000-pound locomotive at Minute Maid Park in Houston? It’s here. Want to know the names and numbers of the Yankees players who have retired numbers at Monument Park, which moved to the new Yankee Stadium in 2009? All the details are in Matt’s book.

A student in both my media writing and sports writing classes at Tri-C, Matt has had a burning desire for several years to write this book.  He’s visited many ball parks and interviewed numerous present and former major leaguers. His work should be on the All-Star list of top baseball books published in 2012. If you’re a fan of the National Pastime, you’ll discover that The Baseball Stadium Insider is an irresistible addition to your book collection.  It’s available in paperback and e-reader versions.

Matt will be traveling to ballparks across the U.S. later on this season to talk with the media, and to sell and sign copies of his book.  His thorough research, combined with a great passion for the game that’s evident throughout the writing, should make him a Most Valuable Penman for Major League Baseball  this year.

Here’s a link to a story about Matt’s book written by Tom Hoffarth, sports writer for the Los Angeles Daily News:

Matt’s email:

Matt’s Twitter Feed:  @TBSInsider.

Book ordering information:

Way to go Matt!

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    I look forward to reading this soon,

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